CIMA Women's Connect

CIMA Women’s Connect is dedicated to empowering Muslim women and girls through community engagement, networking, and advocacy. Our mission is to provide a platform for women to connect, share ideas, and support one another in achieving their goals and aspirations.

At CIMA we believe that women are an integral part of Islamic society and should be valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to succeed. We strive to promote the values of Islam and empower women to reach their full potential through education, leadership development, and mentorship programs.

As advocates for Muslim women’s rights, we work to raise awareness about issues affecting our community and to promote social justice and equality for all. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive space for women of all backgrounds and experiences to come together, learn from one another, and build a stronger, more connected community to lead fulfilling and successful lives, while also fostering a greater sense of sisterhood and unity within the Muslim community.